The preparation of all the meals is supervised by the chef Marek Tolde.

Cold dishes great with beer
Beer cheese with chopped onion and beer foam, fried bread with garlic85 Kč
Marinated Camembert-type cheese with pickled peppers and onion85 Kč
Pickled sausage with hot pepper and pickled onion65 Kč
White pudding with red and yellow onion and vinegar75 Kč
Steak tartar typically mixed with chopped onion, spice, hot mustard and egg-yolk, fried bread175 Kč
Belgian style tartar steak with caperberries, gherkin, freshly-cut onion, olive oil and Parmesan cheese served with slices of roasted baguette175 Kč
Olomouc cheese tartar served with fried garlic bread125 Kč
Hot dishes great with beer
Fresh fried chips with three cold dips125 Kč
Mexican two coloured beans with roasted bacon, sausage, fried egg and chilli125 Kč
Fried meat loaf, pickled peppers, gherkin, mustard with seeds115 Kč
Beef broth with dumplings, root vegetables and noodles45 Kč
Extra-strong garlic soup with smoked meat, potatoes and bread croutons45 Kč
Grilled steak from Norwegian salmon with herb butter and steamed vegetables235 Kč
Grilled steak from Norwegian salmon on lemon pepper with spinach leaves in cream and baked tomatoes245 Kč
XXL offer
Meaty pork ribs baked in mild hot marinade with garlic and chilli, our BBQ sauce275 Kč
Chicken wings grilled in marinade from pepper Birds Eye chilli, lemon and ginger, sauer cream175 Kč
Beef burger served in sesame brioche with slice of fried bacon and cheddar, onion, cucumber, tomatoes and our BBQ sauce195 Kč
Wiener schnitzel “Giant” from pork, chef's potato salad205 Kč
Czech cuisine
Beef cheeks slowly baked in semi-dark Lužiny beer with root vegetables, roasted onion, potato dumpling175 Kč
Brewery beef goulash with fresh onion, hot pepper, horseradish and bread dumplings155 Kč
Beef sirloin in cream sauce, bread dumpling, cranberries with whipped cream165 Kč
Grilled venison noisettes served with roasted mushrooms215 Kč
Thinly sliced flank steak in a hot spicy marinade, served medium rare with Thai-style black pepper sauce225 Kč
Roast pork steak with creamy sauce from forest chanterelles (mushrooms)195 Kč
Roast pork with fried onion and fried egg175 Kč
Chicken breast steak with cheesy sauce165 Kč
Chicken Schnitzel, slice of lemon135 Kč
Spaghetti Aglio olio e peperoncino, garlic, chilli, olive oil, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese105 Kč
Fried Eidam cheese, tartar sauce115 Kč
Fried cheese Hermelín filled with dried tomatoes125 Kč
Fresly mixed-vegetable salad with smoked salmon, dill Dijon Vinaigrette155 Kč
Salad Caesar with roasted bacon, white bread croutons and Parmesan shavings165 Kč
Greek salad95 Kč
Vegetable salad with salt white cheese (like Feta85 Kč
Big ball of vanilla ice cream with warm forest fruit and whipped cream75 Kč
or á la carte-
Side dishes
Boiled potatoes25 Kč
Mashed potatoes with bacon and onion35 Kč
Fried potatoes (thick-cut steak fries)40 Kč
French fries40 Kč
Baked garlic baguette with herbs35 Kč
Boiled rice25 Kč
Potato dumplings25 Kč
Bread dumplings20 Kč
Green beans roasted on bacon from our smokehouse40 Kč
Potato pancakes40 Kč
Chef´s potato salad40 Kč
Bread25 Kč
Tartar sauce20 Kč
Hot salsa; our BBQ sauce20 Kč
Garlic, French, cheese and mustard dipps20 Kč
Chef´s loaf of brewery bread with brewer's grains45 Kč


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